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What are the benefits of Pilates?

March 1, 2012

As their Pilates instructor I am often laughed at by my clients when I notice (and get excited by) the types of changes I see in their bodies… When they’ve strengthened the weak spot in their back or stretched their tight hip… these are accomplishments worth celebrating in MY book. When I point these changes out, the response I almost ALWAYS get is, “I feel much better!”

I have had many clients now tell me how much better Pilates makes their body feel. And many have written me amazing testimonials to prove it. Obviously, to become certified in this method I am a believer. I have SEEN the amazing things Pilates can do for a body. The physical benefits are numerous. To name a few, Pilates can:
- strengthen your “core” muscles
- work all of the smaller muscle groups in the body in addition to the larger ones
- lengthen your muscles
- improve strength and flexibility in your entire body
- improve posture
- improve balance
- reduce back, neck, hip, knee, etc. pain
- reduce compression in the spine as you age
the list goes on and on and on….

Earlier this week I was talking to the husband of one of my clients. His wife has been working out at the studio once or twice a week for awhile now, but recently decided to try the 30 session special to see what it could do for her body. Well, it has been only a few weeks and the physical changes are distinct: longer limbs, stronger EVERYWHERE, lengthened, more supple spine to say the least…and we are moving into some advanced work! :-)

What started out as a typical “Pilates has made my body feel so much better!” conversation (Which I LOVE to hear… this is why we do this!!) took a very interesting turn, as the benefit he talked most about struck me because it is not one that I hear every day. This very important benefit of Pilates, which we all know is a very REAL outcome, somehow gets forgotten….  He said, “Since she has been doing this, my wife is so much HAPPIER.”

Of course! Pilates makes people happy! Ask anyone how they feel after they have done their workout (like Joseph Pilates recommends: with earnestness and sincerity) and they will tell you they feel happy leaving the studio. Maybe it’s the increased circulation, the exercise endorphins, or it just plain old feels good to move! If you ever need a reason to get on the reformer, I can’t think of a better one than that.

In a great interview on CNN with Romana, she says, “(when people are upset) they can go to see a therapist, but this is better!” If you are interested, check that out here.

As the proud mama of an almost 2 year old I have begun to relate to the saying, “If Mom isn’t happy, no one is.” Ha! So true! ;-) So if for nothing but the sake of everyone else you live with… do Pilates!

Here is William and I on the Beach in Cape Cod, August 2011. He keeps me motivated.