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Series of Five Package


Series of Five Package 


Five 30 minute private sessions over a period of 2 weeks…exclusively to learn mat work.

Over the course of your package, your instructor will teach you the exercises that are led in our mini mat classes and give you their appropriate modifications for your body.

This package (and group classes in general) would not be a good fit for a person with an injury, or that is experiencing pain in any way. If that is the case, please check out our Introduction to Pilates Package!

For $199 purchase your Series of 5 Package online here. Or call 518-871-1315 to get started.


After I complete this package, What’s next?
After working with you in the studio, and having an understanding your goals, your Instructor and our Front Desk Staff can help you to coordinate a plan for going forward that will help you to achieve the results you are looking for.


Reform Pilates Club is a Special Place. 
 One important thing to know about Reform Pilates Club is that our Instructors share the same top notch certification and truly work together as a team. Unlike many pilates and fitness studios where each instructor may be an Independent Contractor and come from different training programs, at Reform Pilates Club every Instructor was certified through Romana’s Pilates at True Pilates NY (the leader in the world!) and completed over 600 hours as an Apprentice. You will not find another studio between Canada and NYC where that is the case.


This gives our members a lot of options and flexibility for scheduling their sessions. Just because your instructor takes a vacation does not mean that you have to. Because we share a common ground, and speak the same “Pilates language” it is easy for one instructor to pick up where another left off. In fact, to get a little of everyone’s “eye” and expertise, we encourage members to work with multiple instructors. Our members that do so often have the best results!