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Private Sessions


Private Pilates Personal Training Sessions 

This is where the magic happens! In a private Pilates session the entire workout is tailored to your specific body and its needs that day.

Your instructor will help you work from the right areas of your body in every exercise. They will focus on any goals that you have as well as creating balance through the body in areas you may not even know that you need it.


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Best practice for beginners: Invest in Private sessions 3x/week for your first few months. With this frequency and consistency you will see fast and dramatic changes in your body and will create a strong Pilates foundation that you will be able to build on, even with less frequency, later on.

Injured?: Private Pilates sessions are the only way to go! This is one way that Pilates Method of Body conditioning really shines! While many other types of workouts can be harmful to an injured body, when you work one on one with one of our Pilates instructors it can be safe to workout with many types of injuries as we are able to modify every exercise for your body and customize your workout to get you moving safely & without pain.