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We can help you win this year…


Would you like to Increase Your Golf Swing by up to 30 yards this season?

Pilates done 3x/week at Reform has increased some of our members’ drive up to 30 yards, improved their accuracy, eliminated back and shoulder pain, doubled their hamstring length and core strength… in only 10 weeks! Most importantly… it’s helped them beat their friends on the course consistently.

“It’s been 3.5 months since I’ve swung a golf club. Well it was like riding a bike. But with positive differences. I consistently gained 25 to 30 yards with each club. More importantly the ball went where I aimed it, at an uncharacteristically high percentage. I could actually feel my powerhouse working with each swing, Also ZERO lower back “screaming”.  I am extremely encouraged and thankful for your efforts.” - Michael 

To get started at Reform Pilates Club, call 518-871-1315.