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A work out that’s not so hard on your body!


Are you looking for a work out that is not so hard on your body? Do you want to strengthen your core? Tone and slim your arms, legs and mid-section? Looking for better posture? Less aches and pains?

Pilates may be the answer! ;-)

Pilates is a work out that is used by (and can be very challenging for) elite athletes, and is also loved by folks that have never exercised a day in their life!

At Reform, we work with all ages, bodies and fitness levels, but over the years, our niche has really become helping people who are in pain of some kind to get their bodies back to a place where they can continue to do the things they love.

For example, some of the people that seek us out have been runners that have knee pain and can no longer run, or people with back pain from sitting at their desk, tennis players with shoulder pain, hair stylists with neck pain, golfers with a sore hip, etc.

With Pilates, we are able to help people strengthen their weak areas and stretch their tight areas to bring their body back to a place with less pain. The difference Pilates can make is profound! In a few cases, Pilates has even helped our clients to avoid a potential surgery they were contemplating.

“The very first lesson I took at Reform Pilates, I knew that Pilates was different than any other exercise I had ever done! It was such a deep exercise that I could feel it throughout my whole body, waking up muscles I hadn’t known were there, and when I was done, I felt really empowered, without exhaustion of my usual aerobic exercise! I love it!” – Jackie

“Pilates, at Reform, is the perfect transitional workout from therapy to independence!
I started at Reform. A True Pilates Studio as a way to improve my own core strength after childbirth and to prevent back pain, but quickly realized that this unique workout would be beneficial for my patients. As a physical therapist, I was immediately impressed by the effectiveness of pilates in targeting the deep abdominal muscles, integrating strength and flexibility, and heightening body awareness.  Whether you are helping your patients to improve performance in sport, work, or daily activity, the individualized and safe progression at Reform can help you transition them towards independent workouts.” – Jennifer

We have a very compassionate teaching team, and it brings us great joy to help our clients continue the activities and sports they enjoy, with less pain as they age.

Pilates is all that we offer, and there are many ways to workout with us. A few Private Sessions are the very best way to start! (Check out our Introduction Package here.) We also offer small group sessions and classes, and some open studio hours for independent practice. We have many classes throughout the week, which we keep very small as a way to give folks lots of attention and to keep them safe.

We are a fully equipped studio with Gratz Pilates Apparatus, and are located right in downtown Saratoga at 18 Division St.

Please reach out to us with any questions. We would love to chat with you!
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