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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a workout done on apparatus with springs providing resistance, and on a mat. In a Pilates session each exercise is modified to your body’s needs and ability. Pilates can be done by a person of any age or fitness level. Pilates is exercise, and you will sweat.

Unlike many types of exercise that use only the big muscle groups, Pilates works your entire body. Romana says, “Strength comes from within” because Pilates works from the inside out. At the root of every movement you will work a band of abdominal muscles called your “powerhouse.”

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Dispelling Common Fears…

Fear of the unknown is something that often prevents someone from trying Pilates. Quite often we hear people comment that “these look like torture devices” or something of the like. We wanted to take an opportunity to address a few of the things we hear often. Please let us know if you have concerns we have not mentioned!

1. “I don’t know what to do with these machines.” 

No problem! We will tell you. ;-) That is our job. In fact, if you DID know what to do, we would be out of work. So the fact that you have NO IDEA is a GOOD thing for us! All kidding aside, we actually love working with people that have never done pilates. When you are a “blank slate” it is sometimes easier working with you than with someone that has a lot of experience. You will have an instructor by your side for the entire session telling or showing you exactly what to do every step of the way.

2. “This apparatus looks scary. I am worried I might be tied up or something!”

Pilates apparatus are probably unlike anything you may have seen before at the gym. They are made of springs to provide resistance. We promise, we will never tie you up! ;-) In a session, you will lie down on the mat, and pull a handle attached to a spring with your hand or foot. This will work your arms, legs, and core (among other things!) The apparatus will help you to stretch and strengthen your muscles. To see some video clips of us working with a client, Larry (who did 30 sessions in 10 weeks) click here. You will see the different ways the apparatus is used. And you can see his progress over the 10 weeks!

3. “I am worried I might not be able to keep up, or do all of the exercises they tell me to do.”

No worries! ;-) Our job as your instructor is to give you a good workout without over-doing it. We will never ask you to do something because someone else does. In fact, while we have a “system” and “process” for your workout program, no 2 clients are treated alike! We will check in with you frequently during your session, and adjust the exercises to meet your stamina. You should never be in pain. We train clients in their 80′s, clients in their teens, top athletes and couch potatoes… wherever you fit into the spectrum, you WILL be able to do it!

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Do I have to be a member (paying monthly dues) at Reform?

No. Membership options are available as well as flexible packages and drop-in sessions and classes. There are many perks to membership, but if you need a lot of flexibility a membership is not required.

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Can I just come in for a group class?

Yes, but please do our Introduction Package first. All of our group classes (with the exception of our donation classes… see below) are taught at an intermediate level. 

We have found that this works best because it allows people to come to whatever class time works for their schedule. Because our classes are not basic, if you are brand new to Pilates, the best way to begin is with our Introduction to Pilates Package.

After doing so, if you want to solely attend the group mat classes, but want just a little more instruction to get up to speed with the group, you may want to take our Series of 5 Package, where you would get five 30 minute private sessions exclusively to learn the mat work.

We have 3 classes each week that are an open level. These classes are all donation classes to benefit our scholarship fund and local non-profits. These classes are called “Sweat for the Scholarship” and “Pilates for a Purpose.” These are OK for any level, but please no injuries!

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May I share my membership or class package?

Memberships and packages may be shared between spouses.

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What if I am a member and I get sick, go away, or something else happens and I can’t use all of the sessions in my membership?

There are a few options! First, since you are not locked into a specific day or time, depending on how long you will be away from the studio, you may just plan your schedule to fit in your lessons when you will be here during the month.

Second, if you would like to turn any of your membership classes or sessions into “drop-in” lessons that will stay on your account to be used within one year, you may pay $5/class to do so.

Third, you can suspend your membership. There is a $10/week fee that is charged to your card on file. When your membership resumes, your contract period will be pushed out for as many weeks as you were away. 

Unused sessions do not roll over and will be forfeited if none of these actions are taken.

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What happens if someone in my duet or trio session needs to cancel?

Please ask for more details if you are interested. In a nutshell, late cancellations are treated as such.

If someone in a duet or trio early cancels, the others may: have a shorter session for the usual price, pay the difference for the usual time, or invite someone to take the open spot.

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I am interested in a duet or trio but don’t have a partner, can you help me find one?

Yes, we always keep a list of interested people and will do whatever we can to help match them up.

We have also started a closed Facebook group for this exact purpose. Feel free to post here about the type of lesson (duet or trio) you want to do, some ideal days and times and anything else that would be relevant (such as “basic level”, “wants to work hard”, “hopes to do lots of reformer”, etc.)


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What if I have an injury?

One reason that Pilates has become so popular is because it is safe to do with almost any injury or limitation. We have worked with clients: after knee and hip replacements, after back, shoulder, wrist or foot surgery, after a stroke, with MS, vertigo, scoliosis, whiplash, herniated discs, compression fractures, Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, during radiation treatments, after a Mastectomy, after broken bones and more.

Pilates Instructors are not physical therapists. In fact, our training is to give you a good workout while taking care to avoid the injured area. No amount of pain is considered OK. Our motto at the studio is, “No pain, No pain!” (Never: “No pain, No gain.”)

Once you have been releaesed from Physical Therapy, Pilates is a great way to continue rehabilitating your body. Pilates will help to correct any muscle imbalances that may have caused the injury by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles around an injured joint. Pilates is a great “tune-up” for your body, and making it a part of your lifestyle will help you maintain your strength and flexibility.


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Info for your first session

Parking and Arrival
Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early for your first session at the studio. We will have some paperwork for you to fill out before your session.

There is parking on the street and in the public lots on the west side of Broadway just across the street from the main entrance to our building. Please leave yourself extra time to find parking in the summer. There is a large construction project on our corner which may make parking more difficult. (Until July, 2012 when there will be a new FREE lot across the street with over 400 new spots!) Until then, here is a map of parking in Saratoga.

The main entrance to the building is locked before 9am, after 5pm and on weekends. If your appointment falls within those hours, please use the call box in front of the main doors. We will buzz you up when you ring.

Please wear clean socks for your session. (NYS now requires socks to be worn in Pilates Studios.) Your instructor will be focusing on your alignment, so please wear comfortable clothing that is not too baggy. Please leave all jewelry (watches, rings, etc.) at home or at the front desk. Long loose hair should be tied back.

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